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Considering Buying a Side of Beef….

Here is some great information on things to know when buying a side of beef from your local rancher:

Buying a Side of Beef: Part I  – Terminology

Part II: The Cost

Part III: How Much Meat Will You Get? 

Baby, it’s cold outside…

It has been cold, snowy, and icy…not good weather for the calves to start dropping.  This makes for early morning, late night, and middle of the night runs to check on things.  This little guy was frozen and had to be brought in for some warm air.  Cast your vote for his name “Frozen” or “Shivers”….

Though we are mainly Black Angus, there are a still three or so Charolais mamas that are just too good to sell and always produce great calves year after year…as you can tell from the size of this guy.