Gift Giving Dilemma solved…



Here we go again…the holidays are fast approaching.  I love the holidays.  I love the smells, the clean crisp air, the time spent with family and friends, and most of all THE FOOD.  One thing that seems to stress people out the most is gift giving.  Why is this such an issue?  Some people put a lot of thought into their gifts.  They start even before this year’s festivities are over.  They search long and hard for that special gift for each person on their list.  There are then those who go out the night before and find whatever is left, to pick up for the following party.  Sometimes, as we get older, it is just hard to find something that our loved ones don’t already have.  One thing that is true about us all…we all eat.  Why not consider purchasing locally raised, farm fresh, wholesome beef, pork or lamb?

Buy a whole hog or a half of a hog to split with mom and dad, brother and sister, friends, etc.  When you purchase a whole hog or a half of a hog you will get individual cuts of meat that can be easily divided amongst those for whom you are buying.  With your purchase you will get pork chops, steaks, roasts, ribs, smoked hams, smoked bacon, smoked ham hocks, and ground sausage (mild).  The steaks and chops will come two to a package and all cuts will be frozen and labeled.  For around $325 – $400 (depending on live weight of the hog) for a half of a hog, you can get many of those you love marked off your list.  What better than a gift they will use frequently throughout the next few months, is healthy for their family, tastes great, and helps them save on their grocery bills?  Wow…you’ll be the family favorite for quite some time!!

Henry Family Farms has 4 half hogs, butchered and ready to go for the upcoming holidays.  We also have freezer bundles of beef available.  For $200 – $300, depending on choices of cuts, we can make a bundle of beef to meet your needs.

Beef Available: 1lb ground beef, porterhouse steaks, sirloin steaks, rib steaks, spare ribs, rump roast, sirloin tip roast, brisket, soup bones, round steaks, and stew meat

Pork Available: brats, pork chops, steaks, loin roast, ribs, smoked hams, smoked bacon, smoked ham hocks, 1lb. ground sausage (mild, spicy, & maple), and roasts

We also have four whole lambs for sale. The lambs will run approximately $280 – $350 depending on the live weight of the lamb. With the lamb you will get ground lamb, lamb chops, lamb steaks, rump roast, leg of lamb, and soup bones.

The meat is processed under the inspection of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. The meat is vacuum packed, frozen, and labeled.

Please contact us by email at or call us at 636.586.2524 to see how we can help you solve your gift giving dilemma!!

Amber and Jamie Henry

Henry Family Farms

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