Use your tax refund wisely…fill your freezer with fresh pork or beef!


We have hogs going to butcher the first week in March  We have a few left. You can order a half or a whole hog and it can be packaged and processed to your specifications!!


Henry Farms also has several steers ready to go to the butcher at the end of March.  Email us at to get on the reservation list for the beef.  If you would like to order pork, click the order form below:

More about the Hogs….

You can purchase a half or whole hog.  With a hog you will receive chops, loin roasts, arm roasts, steaks or shoulder roasts (boston butt), ground sausage, spare ribs, ham and/or ham steaks and bacon.  Our hogs weigh between 250 – 300 lbs.  The meat is vaccuum packed and labeled and you can choose how you would like it processed and packaged.

A half of a hog will run around $260 – $300 depending on live weight.

If you are interested in purchasing and have any questions, please call us at 636.586.2524 or email me at

Click here to place your order!! 


About Henry Meat Co.

We are a family farm that raises beef, pork, and lamb and sells our meat direct to the public.

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  1. about how many pounds of actual meat do you get?

    • It depends on the types of cuts, but typically a 250 lb pig will yield aroun 130 lbs of retail cuts. It is not an exact science for it is different with each animal and it also depends on how you get it processed.

  2. Do you use any artificial preservatives in your pork sausage?

    • When you order a half of a hog, you can choose what sausage type you would like. You can choose mild, sage, or hot. The flavored do have some curing preservatives, along with the spices. If you do not want any, then I would suggest getting the sausage as fresh ground pork and you can add your own spices. Let me know if you have any other questions. I would be very glad to assist you and get it processed as you would wish.

      Best wishes,
      Amber Henry

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