Spring has sprung….get ready for BBQ!!

Henry Family Farms has more hogs ready for market!! Who is ready to fire up the grill?  We have half and whole hogs available!  The hogs will go on March 25th and will be ready mid-April. With a hog you will get pork steaks or Boston Butt, chops, loin roast, arm roast, ribs, ground sausage (mild, sage, or spicy), ham or hamsteaks, and BACON!! The meat is packaged in clear, vacuumed packed, thick plastic. You can choose the number of steaks and chops to a package, along with the thickness of your cuts.  Choose how thick you want your bacon….

It feels like spring…and makes me think of lamb.

The sun is shining, we’ve hopefully had our last snow/ice storm for the year….and the babies are being born, here on the Henry Family Farm.  We are also preparing tasty, quality meat for our community and gearing up for the open of the Farmer’s Markets in our area!! At this time, we have three lambs available.  They are processed into steaks, chops, 2 leg roast (leg of lamb), 2 rump roasts, and ground lamb.  The cost of the lambs are $235 (27.5 lbs of finished meat), $250 (29 lbs), and $275 (32.2 lbs). In addition, I have a half of…