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We are applying for a small business grant from Chase.  With this grant, we hope to expand our business of providing quality beef, pork and lamb to our community.  In addition we hope to expand the opportunities to other farmers and ranchers in the form of a food coop.  Please vote at:

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Butcher Beef and Pork Available…..

beefWe have beef and pork available this month!!!

You can purchase a quarter, half or whole beef.  The meat will be ready toward the end of the month and payment is not due until delivery.  Our steers are approximately 1000 – 1150 lbs, live weight.  A quarter of a beef will run between $650-$775 depending on the live weight of your steer, at the time of butcher.  The price includes the meat and processing.  If ordering a quarter, you will get a split quarter where you will get all cuts, not just the hind or front quarter.  To read more about the process, please click on the beef tab.

In addition, we have more hogs going to butcher this month. You can order a half or whole hog.  A half of a hog, including the meat, processing, and smoking will run between $275-310 depending on the live weight of the hog at butcher, which are typically between 270-300 lbs.

If interested in ordering, please click the appropriate link below:



As always, please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or wish us to assist you with the ordering process.

Thank you,

Amber & James Henry



We have half and whole hogs available, again!  The hogs will go on May 12th  and will be ready toward the end of May. With a hog you will get pork steaks or Boston Butt, chops, loin roast, arm roast, ribs, ground sausage (mild, sage, or spicy), ham or ham steaks, and BACON!!

The meat is packaged in clear, vacuumed packed, thick plastic. You can choose the number of steaks and chops to a package, along with the thickness of your cuts and bacon. With custom processing, the choice is yours.

Our hogs weigh between 260-300 lbs. live weight.  A half of a hog will run approximately $270 – $310. This includes the price of the meat and processing.

If you are interested in purchasing just click the order form below:

If you have any questions, please call us at 636.586.2524 or email me at

Click here to place your order!!