This Little Piggy is Going to Market….

We have half and whole hogs available, again!  Hogs are going to butcher tomorrow. With a hog you will get pork steaks or Boston Butt, chops, loin roast, arm roast, ribs, ground sausage (mild, sage, or spicy), ham or ham steaks, and BACON!!

The meat is packaged in clear, vacuumed packed, thick plastic. You can choose the number of steaks and chops to a package, along with the thickness of your cuts and bacon. With custom processing, the choice is yours.

Our hogs weigh between 260-300 lbs. live weight.  A half of a hog will run approximately $270 – $310. This includes the price of the meat and processing.

If you are interested in purchasing just click BLUE link below:

If you have any questions, please call us at 636.586.2524 or email me at

Click here to place your order!! 

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