Our Family

Henry Meat Co Fam 1 (3)

Our family’s mission is to provide our friends, neighbors, and surrounding communities with fresh, local, farm-raised beef, pork, and lamb that is raised humanely and ethically on our sustainable family farm. We do not systematically use antibiotics, nor do we implement the use of growth hormones. Our animals are raised outside, on dirt and pasture, where they have plenty of room to roam, play, and graze.

The Henry Family Farm was established on August 1, 1949 by Wintha and Verna (Valle) Henry.  Jamie and Amber Henry, along with their two sons Logan and Dylan, continue the family farming tradition. Starting as a cattle ranch, some added value businesses have been added to  include custom feed sales, sale of live animals (replacement heifers), butcher beef, pork and lamb, and custom cuts of meat available at the local farmer’s market and at the farm store that is open every Saturday year round.  Henry Feed and Henry Meat Co, LLC are all under the umbrella of Henry Family Farms.

Take a look around and see how we are striving to hang on to family traditions through hard work, dedication, and an appreciation for a simpler way of life.

  1. David E . Boyer

    Friendly folks and meat was good.

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