amber final (2)Henry Meat Co, LLC provides you with quality beef, pork and lamb in large to small quantities. There are so many reasons to buy “fresh from the farm”.  It is better for your family, for your health, for our economy, and for the animals themselves.  To order your farm fresh meat, call us at 636.586.2524 or email at henrymeatco@gmail.com.

Did you know that China has now purchased the largest pork producing company in the United States?

China’s Ownership of an Iconic American Company

Do you have any idea how animals are treated and fed at large feed lots and commercial lots? We have all seen the videos of the horrors of meat packing plants and feed lots.  I am going to spare you this…but you can Google it if you wish.

Ask Farm Aid what they know…

Do you know what is inside the meat you are purchasing from your local grocery store? Where it came from? Who has handled it? How old it is….?

Benefit of buying from a local rancher

Fresh from the farm…

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