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Most people have never tried lamb or they have heard that it tastes bad or that it is not easy to cook.  Not True!!  Lamb is healthy, tastes good and is easy to prepare.  We also raise a small herd of sheep, here on the Henry Farm.  Our boys had raised a handful of sheep as 4H projects and we really enjoyed the meat from these lambs, so…….. we bought a herd of Kahtadin sheep.  Click the name to read about these hair sheep.

Kahtadin are hair sheep and are breed for their meat.  Kahtadin are an american sheep breed that was bred for the sole purpose of creating high quality, sweet meat.

The lambs are typically around 8 – 9 months old, when processed, and weight around 80 – 80 lbs. With a butcher lamb you will get several succulent cuts of meat.  Click here to view the various cuts available. (leg of lamb, chops, steaks, ground lamb, should roast, loin roast, to name a few)


How much meat will a lamb yield?

henry meat co 3Every animal is different, but a rule of thumb is if the live weight is 90 lbs. then the dressed weight or carcass weight will be around 50% , making it 45 lbs.  Of that 45 lbs., depending on how you get your cuts, it should have a yield or table ready meat around 80% of the carcass (36 lbs. wrapped and packaged).

We sell lamb at the Farmer’s Market by-the-cut if you would like to try some out and at our farm store.  Also, take a look at our Pinterest boards for lamb recipes.

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