MaxBoarHow are the hogs raised on your farm? 

Our hogs are raised in large, outdoor pens with lots of room to roam.  The have access to plenty of grain to eat and are not given added hormones.  These hogs have been on our farm since they were piglets, with a majority born here. These are  excellent pork hogs and weigh approximately 275- 300 lbs at the time of butcher.  You can purchase a half of a hog, or a whole hog direct from our farm.  Never bought like this before?  No problem, give us a call and we can talk you through the process.  We make it as consumer friendly as possible.


What do you mean by “ethically raised” hogs? 

These guys and gals are well taken care ofpigs by our boys.  The boys take a lot of time each day to make sure they have plenty of feed and fresh water.  They have large pens where they can run and play, when the mood strikes them.  The pigs are fed a solid diet of locally grown grain.

Tell me more about buying a hog “off the farm”… You can purchase a half or whole hog.  We charge by the pound “on the hoof”, which means it is the live weight of the animal before it leaves the farm.  We use a local, inspected butcher who will vacuum pack your individual cuts, which are cut to your specifications.  Do you want smoked bacon and hams? We can do that…do you want mild or hot sausage… just let us know.

What cuts will I get from my hog? 

You will receive ham, ham steaks, ribs, roasts, pork steaks, boneless or bone-in pork chops,  tenderloin, baby back ribs, neck bones, ground sausage and bacon.  The ham and bacon can be smoked or fresh.  You can place your order and cut instructions at the link below.  We accept cash, debit, and credit cards.

Click Here to Place Your Half or Whole Hog Order

With a market weight of 250 pounds and yield of 73.6 percent, the typical hog will a produce a 184-pound carcass. The carcass will yield approximately 140 pounds of pork and 44 pounds of skin, fat, and bone.

Estimated Pork Yield from a 250 lb. live weight hog

Ham – 45 pounds, 24 percent of the carcassBrats 3
25.5 pounds of cured ham, 2.3 pounds of fresh ham, 5.8 pounds of trimmings and 11.4 pounds of skin, fat, and bone
Side (Belly) – 34.9 pounds, 19 percent of the carcass 
19 pounds of cured bacon, 5.8 pounds of spareribs, 9.1 pounds of trimmings and 1 pound of fat
Loins – 33.8 pounds, 18 percent of the carcass 
3.2 pounds of backribs, 10.7 pounds of boneless loin, 7.6 pounds of country-style ribs, 5.7 pounds of sirloin roast, 1.6 pounds of tenderloin, 1.6 pounds of trimmings and 3.4 pounds of fat and bone
Picnic – 16.6 pounds, 9 percent of the carcass
12.6 pounds of boneless picnic meat and 4 pounds of skin, fat, and bone
Boston Butt – 14.7 pounds, 8 percent of the carcass 
4.4 pounds of blade steaks, 7.8 pounds of blade roast, 1.7 pounds of trimmings and 0.8 pounds of fat
Miscellaneous – 39.2 pounds, 22 percent of the carcass 
15.4 pounds of jowls, feet, tail, neck bones, etc., 22 pounds of skin, fat, and bone and 1.8 pounds of shrink and miscellaneous loss

How much freezer space do I need? A whole hog will need about 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space and a half of a hog, about 3 cubic feet.


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